Annual Reports

Visual packaging to reinforce investor confidence

From concept to production, annual report services through our Design Communications arm prove valuable in saving time and money. Whether the company is delivering financial information only, adding a high-impact marketing message or creating a consistent year-long presence with shareholders through an annual report, we can create the right look and visual packaging for the messages. Our annual report services include:

  • Concept and theme development;
  • Typesetting, photography and illustration coordination;
  • Production management; and
  • Creation of electronic reports for posting to the corporate website.

The annual reports we produce fall into three general categories:

Full-Design Annual Reports – This annual report has an overall design, including cover, letter to shareholders, a narrative section and a typeset financial section, all bound into a one-piece document.

Hybrid Annual Reports – This annual report typically has a designed cover and a smaller letter/ narrative section. It includes required financial information or a supplied Form 10-K, which is printed and bound as a one-piece document.

Pocket Folder Insert or Wrap 10-K Annual Reports – This annual report style uses a designed pocket folder with a bound-in section containing the shareholder letter/narrative copy. The Form 10-K is inserted into the pocket of this two-piece document providing a flexible medium that can be updated with quarterly reports and news releases.

Annual Report Samples (Click to see layout)