Annual Meeting Management

Comprehensive planning and support for an effective event

Having a well-organized and successful annual meeting of shareholders is important for any public company. This final step in the proxy and annual report processes can range from the routine to the extraordinarily challenging, depending on circumstances that can vary year to year.

Having helped our clients plan and execute thousands of successful annual or special meetings, we are well positioned to help you manage your shareholder meeting by:

  • Determining appropriate dates, timetable and organization;


  • Managing meeting logistics: e.g., room reservation and set up, audio/visual aids, Internet webcasting, meeting protocols, appropriate investor relations materials, agendas and ballots; and




  • Preparing management for the meeting – developing the script for the formal business portion of the meeting, advising on meeting management, creating and scripting the “informal” presentation and Q&A preparation.




Complementing our monitoring and solicitation of the shareholder vote subsequent to proxy distribution, we also serve as the Inspector of Election for many clients, determining the presence of a quorum at the meeting and serving as judge of voting on all matters requiring shareholder vote.