Internet and Website Communications

An expectation of immediacy, relevance and comprehensiveness

Today, the first stop for the financial community to learn or update information about a company is its website, which offers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate the company’s story. To optimize the visitor’s experience, the website must be easy to navigate and serve as a comprehensive source of both current and archived investor information. Managed poorly, however, the website can also reflect unfavorably on a company by frustrating an audience accustomed to immediate access to information that is relevant and comprehensive.

Corporate Communications helps companies design and create both original websites and the IR section of their websites. We advise on or create content, manage vendors and oversee the design and development of the website, often on condensed time schedules. Once the site goes live, we assist in keeping the site updated by posting news releases, annual reports and other proxy material, road show or research conference presentations and conference call webcasts and replays. We also manage IR inquiries generated by the site, as well as expanding opportunities to engage site visitors through social media.

Website Services: