IPO and Other Investor Presentations

Compelling, clear and simple: why buy your stock in 25 minutes or less

Hundreds of public and private companies have turned to us to prepare their presentations for initial public offerings, research conferences, analyst days, non-deal road shows or private equity and venture capital forums. We develop the script and investor presentation to meet demanding deadlines typically associated with securities offerings and other marketing road shows. Our work includes the creation and production of professionally designed presentations using video, slide or animated laptop computer formats and other associated road show materials. We rehearse and critique the presentation with management to ensure the most effective delivery and impact. We thoroughly prepare management for Q&A through the development of likely questions and strong answers. Prior to the road show, we brief management with profiles on the scheduled institutions and individuals, which show each firm’s buying characteristics, peer ownership, historical ownership and biographical data. Depending on the circumstances, we also accompany management on the road show to provide real-time feedback and support for key presentations.

IPO and Other Investor Presentations Samples (Click to see layout)