News Release / Conference Call Production and Management

News Release Production and Management

The most basic and the most essential communications exercise

Managing the news release process from development to dissemination involves a clear strategy and effective integration with the overall investor relations program. Corporate Communications has written and issued thousands of news releases involving every type of disclosure from financial to crisis communications. Based on our experience, we provide a comprehensive approach for managing this process, including:

  • Advising management on content, disclosure, Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) compliance and timing issues for financial and non-financial news releases;
  • Drafting and assisting in the editing of all forms of financial news releases, including quarterly earnings, M&A, guidance and strategic initiatives;
  • Obtaining clearance from NYSE or NASDAQ, as required;
  • Directing the company’s response to exchange clearance issues that may arise;
  • Managing the dissemination of the news release to wire services, email and other distribution lists;
  • Ensuring the news release is posted to the company website; and
  • Assisting in preparation and filing of Forms 8-K on news releases, as needed.

We also notify clients when the news release has become public information and deliver wire service commentary to the company. After releases are issued, we monitor wire service coverage for accuracy and, if appropriate, serve as the news release contact to respond to initial inquiries that develop from investors or media.

Conference Call Production and Management

Develop a consistent approach to discussions

Conference calls may also seem routine, but a successful call involves substantial planning and preparation. We advise our clients on the appropriate use of investor conference calls, determining the best structure and protocol, timing, vendor selection and format. We help clients develop a consistent approach to discussions with analysts and to disclosure issues. We prepare scripts and associated presentations for calls and discuss anticipated questions and the best answers.

We also manage the process around the call itself, including developing conference call invitation lists, disseminating conference call notification news releases and invitations, arranging real-time webcasts, posting presentation materials on the client’s website prior to the calls and providing access to call replays both telephonically and through the client’s website. During the call, we can introduce speakers and review safe harbor language, as well as manage the Q&A queue. We conduct post-call reviews, analyze attendee lists and provide transcripts. Consistent with the external IR audit process, we can follow up with key conference call participants for feedback on call process, message and issues.