Proxy Management

Orchestrating an increasingly complex and important governance process

Thorough management of the proxy process is essential, especially in today’s environment of expanding shareholder rights and shareholder activism. Corporate Communications’ expertise is based on a detailed understanding of the proxy process and the array of participants involved and on having managed this process for our clients through hundreds of annual and special meetings of shareholders.

We advise on structuring of proxy issues, taking into account trends in shareholder activism, majority vote concerns, the potential impact of advisory firm vote recommendations and recent limitations on broker non-vote, to develop strategies that will help ensure passage of difficult issues. We help clients determine important proxy dates and organize necessary notification of depositories, exchanges and brokers about these dates. We conduct the required search of nominee holders and provide stock performance graphs for inclusion in the proxy package. To manage the overall distribution of the proxy package, we prepare a master schedule incorporating production of the annual report and all other proxy materials. We oversee distribution of annual reports and proxy material to shareholders of record, nominees, employee stock and benefit plans and financial mailing lists. As a final step in the process, we also monitor the vote tabulation and attend the annual meeting as Inspector of Election, if needed.